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Wilsons “Choice Justice”

Paynes “Mase in your Face”

Dee’s Edwards Terror

PR’ Martinez “Rojo”

CH’ PR’ Castillos Mejias Samson of CA

PR’ Spellbound by Voodoo

CH’ PR’ Castillo’s Wild Rose of CA

PR’ Williams’ Sir Leutinent

Wilsons Choice Brown Sugar

PR’ Williams’ Sir Leutinent

Dee’s Ambrosia Williams

CH’ PR’ Castillos Son of Sundance

GRCH’ PR’ Castillos Red Alexis

CH’ PR’ Beausephus Choice

GRCH’ PR’ Castillos Red Alexis

Some other dogs on “Rojo’s” pedigree include:

GRCH’ PR’ Misty Kona Gold, PR’ Hazard Joe, CH’ PR’ Camarano’s Buster Joe, PR’ Mazzies Captian, PR’ Blondie of Tufftown,PR’ Lil Blondie of Tufftown, PR’ Scates Amberlite Star, Gonzales Big Jake, PR’ Gonzales Queen Sheba, Gonzales Red Brava, Fiorilla’s Bully Boy, Dorr’s Coc Puff, PR’ Tekla’s Choice, GRCH’ PR Dynamite Red Rock, GRCH’ PR’ Our Gang CA Spatz, PR’ Lar-San Our Gang Georgia,GRCH’ PR’ Cherrypits CAL Bandit, CH’ PR’ Comer’s Ceaser Oscar, PR’ Tayl Clare of Our Gang, Luarms Country,Cheris Red Sonja, Dates Foxy lady, Dates Bruiser, Dates Angel, Sullivans Calif. Sundancer, Owens Sara Sabie, PR’ Martins Ceasar of Tufftown,

PR’ Martinez “Rojo”

Just to name few!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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